Change and Anchoring in the Organization

Operational Excellence course

Good project models do not provide results in themselves. “It’s a 90% people deal”! In this course, we focus on “making things happen”. Both through involvement and active management.

There is a reason why we work with the concept of change management. A change must be managed – preferably through involvement. Gain insight into how proactive change management can help increase the chance of creating actual improvements.

Implementation of improvements have an increasingly higher focus. It’s hard! It requires active management. In this course, you will learn to plan an effective implementation and understand how best to bring the project group into play.

We work with specific tools to lead a change and ensure efficient use of your project group. There are many tasks – and there is need for them to be resolved as agreed to create momentum.


Target Group for Change Management

You might be the manager, project manager or key employee, who is facing having to work with a smaller or greater change, which affect people’s daily working practices. Here you can get practical inspiration on how to proceed.

Or you have a general interest in understanding how we as people act when the winds of change are blowing. This awareness on its own, gives you new perspectives and opportunities to get your colleagues and possibly employees to act differently.


What you will learn

After this day, you will better understand why we as humans are triggered differently by small and large changes. And you have gained insight into how you through dialogue can help to make a difference.

You will have an analytical tool that can help explore own/your colleagues/employees’ readiness for change in relation to specific changes.

On a more control focused level you have gone through the classic implementation tasks – and you have a practical way to assess a group’s commitment to the goals, roles, the process we are in and interpersonal relationships.



The day starts with creating common understanding of “resistance to change” – and why it might just come to fear. With this knowledge, we can begin to work on reducing our anxiety. An anxiety that often is about how we as people might not see the need for why change should happen – and we are not sure whether we can cope or handle this change.

We work with ADKAR as a method to analyze how far the individual/group is in the process of change – and discuss what can be done.

We also discuss how it can be planned, once a proper workgroup is set up. This group must have a common understanding of the mission and approach. We give you the tools to measure the common understanding – and with this in mind, we go through the different facets of the actual implementation.


Extended curriculum

If the day ends by giving you a lot of inspiration, you can proceed with several of the other modules in organization and management. Look for example at our modules on facilitation and Change Management focusing on the individual.

Are you passionate about being able to change in a broad sense, you might also consider a Black Belt certification. It makes you a “data-driven agent of change”, who can create improvements in the millions. Most organizations can use this.


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