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Blended Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Blended Lean Six Sigma Black Belt content

You will learn to lead important cross-functional improvement projects by using the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. You will make a positive and significant impact in your organisation as you complete a real-life improvement project during your study.


What is blended learning?

Blended learning combines e-learning with elements from classroom training. With blended learning e-learning becomes social – you are no longer just left on your own (as in regular e-learning). We at Storm helps you reach your educational goals and we help you during your practical improvement project. With blended learning you increase your opportunities to create value in your organisation.


What is DMAIC?

A part of your blended black belt education is to complete a DMAIC-project in your own organisation. The DMAIC-project insures that you can translate the theory into practice – It is our experience from Storm that learning happens in practice. See our little short film called ‘What is DMAIC?’, and learn more about the project model.


Designed to leverage your learning

This advanced blended Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training experience is designed to optimise your time and improve your knowledge and competencies. The program blends:

  • self-paced state of the art advanced e-learning
  • instructor led online study halls allowing you to meet your fellow students and instructors
  • posibility of two workdays in Copenhagen
  • personal coaching and feedback based on your practical improvements projects


A proven concept

This blended training design is a proven concept that builds Lean Six Sigma capability in each student. Organisations who adopt this program effectively improve organisational operational excellence!


Who should attend?

This course is for business professionals who desire to gain solid knowledge and capability in Lean Six Sigma and general process improvement.  This program limits travel expenses and time away from home and work, offering maximum flexibility at an affordable price!


Key Learning Points and Benefits

You will become an advanced Lean Six Sigma practitioner by participating in this course and completing a real life improvement DMAIC-project carried out in your organization. Throughout the course, you will learn to master a series of advanced quality tools and methods that you can utilise in various situations outside a DMAIC setting.

You will learn to lead critical cross-functional projects and apply advanced analysis to make informed decisions based on valid data, process insight and with respect for interpersonal relationships.

Successful candidates must complete two Black Belt-level improvement project applying the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC-methodology that generate considerable savings and/or significant improvements in your organisation. This program offers much more than education – it transfers you into a professional practitioner of Lean Six Sigma with a proven track record of success!


Responsive design

No matter what devise you choose to use you will enjoy a responsive design that is optimized to be used at the office on a PC/MAC, when you are transporting to and from work or you can choose to use a mobile device.


Course options

The more your training environment assimilates with your job environment, the higher chance of a high level of knowledge transfer you will have.

This course comes in several industry clusters:

  • Manufacturing (default)
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Services

Each cluster features customized case studies, examples and exercises. You can select your preference when you purchase the program.


Course overview

Once signed up you have access to the e-learning material and can get started right away.  The e-learning is a very engaging course packed with responsive elements self-directed, practise-based exercise, questions, quizzes, and simulations to apply concepts and knowledge.  The frequent practice opportunities help you remember the theory and understand how it is applied.


The kick-off webinar introduces you to the course, your instructor and coaches.

Then the course shifts between e-learning, virtual study halls and your project work.  The one-on-one coaching sessions support you and address any issues in your project work.


Blended Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program outlined

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You will enjoy

  • Cutting edge e-learning platform with lots of personal interaction to ensure meaningful learning, quizzes, deep dive, simulation
  • 140 hours online learning
  • 5 x 2 hours Virtual Instructor-Led Study Halls. This is group-based training sessions to reinforce and apply Lean Six Sigma skills
  • 2 workdays in classroom with instructor support
  • 5 x 1 hours one-on-one coaching sessions
  • 5 hours online written exam, 120 questions, 80 % passing grade. Candidates must pass the exam before certification is granted.
  • Completion of a real life DMAIC-project
  • Certification assessment – an online oral defense of the project work
  • Free access to Sigmapedia
  • Free access to templates



As soon as you have been assigned to the course you will have access to the e-learning material and can start building your knowledge. You can also start searching for a suited improvement project that your organization needs to get fixed and that has management support.


2020 schedule for Black Belt Blended Learning in Europe

All Study Halls is held at 14:00-16:00 on Skype.

  • August 17th: Kick-off webinar (1 hour)
  • September 7th: Define – 1st virtual instructor-based study hall (2 hours)
  • October 5th: Measure – 2. Virtual Instructor-Based Study Hall (2 hours)
  • November 2nd: Analyze I – 3rd Virtual Instructor-Based Study Hall (2 hours)
  • December 4th: Analyze II – 4th virtual instructor-based study hall (2 hours)
  • January 11th 2021: Improve and Control – 5 virtual instructor-based study hall (2 hours)

Software Options

To carry out statistical calculation in your DMAIC-project you will need to use advance statistical software.  Don’t worry – this blended learning programme supports you with tutorials for three different statistical software.

  • SAS JMP (version 12)
  • Minitab® (version 16 and 17)
  • EngineRoom

The EngineRoom subscription fee for 365 days is included in the price. A half year of free license for SAS JMP can be included as well. You will need to provide Minitab software yourself or your organisation needs to provide it for you.


Learn more about blended learning from Storm and customers:


Frequently asked questions

Are there pre-requisites to this course?

No, there are none. You do not have to take any prior courses. The material covers the entire Black Belt curriculum.


How long does the Black Belt training take?
From the Kick-off to the last Virtual Instructor-Led Study Hall, the program is 24 weeks in length. Access is provided to the online content for 365 days.

You have a total of 18 months from the date of enrolment to achieve certification.


Do I need a project to complete the training?
A real-life project will significantly improve your learning because you can use it to directly practice the concepts and tools as you go along. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you work on your first project as you are completing your training. You will also need to complete a second project to achieve Black Belt certification.


Do you offer pricing discounts for groups of trainees and deployments?
Of course! Many of our larger customers send groups of employees through the Blended Black Belt program.


Do you offer In-house blended learning?

Yes indeed we do – and we can customize the learning programme to meet your needs!

Can we help you?

Call us on +45 7020 7141 or fill out the form below if you have any questions.

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