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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt e-learning

Blended Lean Six Sigma Black Belt content

With this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt e-learning, you will learn to lead important cross-functional improvement projects by using the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. You will make a positive and significant impact in your organisation as you complete a real-life improvement project during your study.

This blended learning combines e-learning with elements from classroom training. With blended learning e-learning becomes social – you are no longer just left on your own (as in regular e-learning). We at Storm help you reach your educational goals and we help you during your practical improvement project. With blended learning you increase your opportunities to create value in your organisation.


We prepare your e-learning course based on your needs, and through the course you will receive sparring. Our e-learning platform is in English, but your teaching, dialogue, materials and recap can be in Danish if you would like.

The course consists of 72 hours of e-learning, and you decide how quick it shall happen. During the course, you will get tests and measurement of your progress. Depending on your wish for focus areas, we can supplement with virtual modules in Danish.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt e-learning course will be planned based on your ambitions and needs. The dialogue and reflection are typically planned after the end of a phase in the DMAIC-method, normally with a duration of 1,5-2 hours. These hours can be split up. These conversations secure your understanding of the theory, and that you can turn it into practice.


Learning of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

You will become an advanced Lean Six Sigma practitioner by participating in this course and completing a real life improvement DMAIC-project carried out in your organization. Throughout the course, you will learn to master a series of advanced quality tools and methods that you can utilise in various situations outside a DMAIC setting.

You will learn to lead critical cross-functional projects and apply advanced analysis to make informed decisions based on valid data, process insight and with respect for interpersonal relationships.

Successful candidates must complete two Black Belt-level improvement project applying the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC-methodology that generate considerable savings and/or significant improvements in your organisation. This program offers much more than just training – it transfers you into a professional practitioner of Lean Six Sigma with a proven track record of success!


You can finish a virtual Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in three ways

  1. Pass a theoretical exam, so you can call yourself examined Black Belt


  1. Take a virtual certification, where you must pass a theoretical exam and supplement with a simulation of a DMAIC-project. Which gives you practical experience with using the DMAIC-method and work with the most important tools in every phase.
  • This option demands additionally 12 hours of virtual training, which is an integrated part of our e-learning platform.


  1. Choose a certification, where you must pass the theoretical exam and supplement with a DMAIC-project in your own daily work. Hereby, you will gain experience with the DMAIC-method and at the same time solve an issue in your organization. You create actual improvements and show what you are capable of due to your new competencies.
  • We supplement the training with virtual coaching, where you will meet one of our instructors – typically the person, that also help you in your theoretical progress. Here you can discuss the theory and methods in your project.
  • If you choose to, you can participate in our physical workdays. Here, other belt candidates will participate as well and it is held in our house in Holte. This provides network, technical sparring and time for immersion in your own project.


Course overview

Once signed up you have access to the e-learning material and can get started right away. The e-learning is a very engaging course packed with responsive elements self-directed, practise-based exercise, questions, quizzes, and simulations to apply concepts and knowledge. The frequent practice opportunities help you remember the theory and understand how it is applied.

Then the course shifts between e-learning, virtual study halls and your project work. The one-on-one coaching sessions support you and address any issues in your project work.



To carry out statistical calculation in your DMAIC-project you will need to use advance statistical software. You can choose between:

  • SAS JMP (version 12)
  • Minitab (version 16 and 17)

You or your organization must provide the license yourself. It is possible to get a 30 days free trial.


Learn more about blended learning from Storm and customers:

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