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Change Management focusing on the Organisation (CAP)

This course in change management focusing on the organisation will enable you to lift courses of change in your workplace. We will work a mindset and some methods, that will be directed towards a group of people, who are going through the same change, but might experience it differently.

This day is built upon the American developed “CAP” method. A method and a model, that through years has been applied by many bigger businesses in the USA – primarily in relation to fusions, acquitions etc.

“CAP” stands for Change Acceleration Process. The focus is to create and implement changes in organisations. This means, that this model is focusing on action towards the whole organisation, and not just the individual – which the method “ADKAR” does to a greater extent.

After this course, you will have acquired a practical orientated toolbox. You will be able to analyze, design, complete and sparre upon courses of change. You will also be able to start up these courses of change – and create basis of communication and dialogue in all parts of the organisation.


Content of the “CAP” model

“CAP” is based on 7 steps, where to a variety of tools are related. The 7 steps are the following:

  1. Lead the change – with a sponsor, who supports the change
  2. Create a common need – or why a change has to come – either driven by a threat or opportunity – or ingrown in the organisation and shared broad through data, demonstration, request or diagnose. The need for the change is greater than the resistance
  3. Form a vision – the wanted result of the change is clear, understandable and mutual
  4. Mobilize the engagement – a great support from stakeholders to invest in the change, make it work and recieve the attention from the leaders
  5. Anchor the change – when the change has begun, it will last, grow and experiences will be shared within the whole organisation
  6. Monitor the progress – the progress is real, benchmark can be put and realized; indicators at established to secure responsibility
  7. Change systems and structures – secure that the organisation is geared to rewaes and amplify the change.

For every step, 2-4 tools are related, which helps concretize the practical tasks – and helps creating the progress.


Who is this course for?

This course is for you, who want to lead changes – or might have been asked to have an essential role i an bigger change. Perhaps you are looking for methodology and understanding, that can help you through the project.

You might work as a Project Manager, key employee or leader in an organisation. Nevertheless, you have a desire of contributing to changes – and acquire a practical orientated toolbox.


What can you expect from this course?

Change Management focusing on the organisation enables you to design, complete and evaluate courses of change; primarily focusing on larger groups.  This means, that you will have an opportunity to understand, how a change can be designed, and how involving and information is done in an effective way.

You will get the opportunity to design a course of change based on your own case – and there will be room for discussing it as well.


Content of the course

  • Understanding of managing changes
  • CAP – in relation to the toolbox
  • CAP – the steps and related tools
  • Practical work with the CAP model based on your own everyday life
  • Opportunity to a later sparring and reflection on a free workday, that will ensure your learning


Expansion of the course

You can connect your new knowledge with a broader understanding of managing changes by participating in “Change and Anchoring” and “Change Management focusing on the individual“. The combination of these three courses will acquire you with a broad understanding and competencies, which enables you to facilitate and lead changes, with space for the individual employee and the whole organisation.


You can also supplement your competencies within management and organisation by participating in our “Facilitation” course. If you want to connect to a more pracitcal every day life, take a look at “BPM, Business Process Management“, which teaches you to think process orientated within the organisation.

If you wish to change in a broader perspective and become a “data driven change agent”, you should read more about completing a Black Belt training. This will give you a toolbox, that enables you to creat great process improvements.


If you have any questions or need more information, you can always contact us!


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