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Data Driven Culture

Do you desire an even better performance and increased well-being among employees? Due to the fact that they are able to control and prioritize their own tasks, you will benefit from this data driven culture course.

Spend three days on creating a different mindset. A mindset, which helps all types and sizes of organisations with applying the data, that actually exist in the organisation. A changed mindset, supported by practical orientated methods and tools, that gives you a new understanding of managing and leading the organisation.


The three days will acquire you with new knowledge and learning in different areas:

  • Mapping, analyzing and designing processes; so that every expectation and demand appear clearer
  • Data driven management; so that data and measurements can give better planning and increased responsibility in the everyday life
  • Data drive problem solving; so that opportunities of improvements and “firefighting” dont have to fight about resources and attention


The Data Driven Culture course will acquire you with a variety of practical orientated tools, that directly can help you in your own every day life. When you have applied the tools and methods, you will be invited to a workday in the Storm-house. Here you have the opportunity to discuss your challenges and get tips & trics on how to take advantage even more from your new learning.


Who is this course adressing?

This course will give you the basis of how to apply data even more in your work of leading. Perhaps you are a new leader, who needs some inspiration. Or you might also have several years of experience as a leader, but have been listening to your gut feeling rather than applying the existing data. Perhaps you are already working with data or processes, but you desire to connect it in a broader organisational context.

You might be a group of leaders from a smaller organisation as well, who needs a common foundation, but wants it to be built in as a part of your every day life. Data Driven Culture does not demand any specific skills. Most important is, that you have a desire of learning, bringing new knowlegde and recieving new insight. Both for you, who are the only participant from your organisation, and for you, who desire to create a common learning and experience.


What can you expect from this course?

  • A language about working proacticely with quality; based on the classic disciplines within Lean and Six Sigma
  • Insight in mapping processes in different ways, and know when the different methods should be used
  • Process optimization through analysis of the mapped process
  • Introduction to process management and an understanding of how it can be helpful in your every day life
  • Opportunity to ongoing sparring about the organisation’s opportunities and challenges
  • Insight in three types of challenges; the ones, that we almost know the solution for. The ones, where a workshop built upon a determined structure can bring us to the solution. And the ones, where we do not know the solution
  • An operation knowledge of the problem solving method DMAIC
  • Ideas on how smaller businesses can work even more with data driven problem solving
  •  A desire of approaching things differently, already on the next day in your job


Content of the course 

Day 1: Analyzing and Designing Processes

  • Foundation of understanding, mapping and optimizing processes
  • Tools that give different perspectives on the existing process (could be SIPOC, the turtle, swim lane diagramme or the alternative pattern)
  • Methods on how to analyse the processes and pursuit activities, that might could be removed, that are solved differently or perhaps jumped over and by that creates more waste and necessary

Day 2: Data Driven Management

  • Introduction to Balanced Scorecard
  • Formulation of goals, regarding economy, quality, processes and learning
  • Understanding of different types of measurements
  • Producing own control charts

Day 3: Data Driven Problem Solving

  • Knowledge of the mindset behind data driven quality and performance, and an understanding of problem solving
  • Methodology and tools for the individual issues; primarily focusing on the use of workshops
  • DMAIC method – used for more complex issues
  • Knowledge of the most essential tools in DMAIC


Expansion of the course

This course can in advantage be supplemented with other of our shorter courses. Maybe there is a need of creating some kind of change management and common understanding of implementation; or perhaps a need of creating a mutual understanding of how you want to facilitate meeting and workshops.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.

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