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Data Driven Problem Solving

Do you want to work with a data driven mindset, when improving or solving problems? This course will dress you up for that. With this course in data driven problem solving, you will acquire methods and knowledge of a primary toolbox.

Data driven problem solving is yet current. Perhaps even more than ever due to the many organisations that produces data, which can be used for insights about performance and quality.

Data can be applied to state how an actual result is. It can also be used to solve problems and issues or areas where things could work smarter.

This course will acquire you with a broad introduction to methods and tools with practical examples and exercises, which can be applied in real life.


What can you expect from this course?

You will acquire insight about data driven problem solving thinking and a methodology overview, which can be applied directly.

  • A language about working proactively with quality; based on the primary disciplines within Lean and Six Sigma
  • Insight in three types of challenges; the ones we almost know a solution for, which just needs to be applied. The ones, where a worksop buil upon a permanent structure can bring us closer to the solution. And the ones, where we don’t know the solution at all
  • An operational acquaintance to the problem sovling methodology DMAIC
  • Ideas on how small organisations can work even more focused with data driven problem solving
  • A desire to approach things differently, already on the next day of work


Who is this course for?

This course is for a broad range of people. Your position or business are absolutely not crucial. You can be a leader, who demands new methods, or you can be a key person, who sometimes has an issue, that needs to be fixed.

Maybe you are employed in a smaller business with less resources to participate in a longer course – or maybe you just don’t have the time.

Maybe you are in a leading position and want inspiration on how your employees can be helped to work more efficient with improving and solving problems.

The most important is, that you have a desire of how to work even more data driven.


Content areas of the course

  • The mindset behind data driven quality and performance
  • Understanding of problem solving
  • Methodology and tools for the individual issues; primarily with a focus on the use of workshops
  • DMAIC method – used for increased complex issues
  • Knowledge of the most essential tools in the DMAIC method



This course does not demand any specific prerequisites. Anyhow, it might be an advantage, if you in a job situation have experienced, that everything does not always run perfectly.


Extension of the course

If you enjoy your newly acquired mindset, you can expand your knowlegde and competencies further. You can become a Green Belt, which enables you to lead and complete DMAIC-projects. Or you can become a Black Belt, which helps you mastering cross-organizational and complex DMAIC-projects.


Begin today

Are you in need of getting started with a complex problem solving? Take a look at our Green Belt or Black Belt training – or contact us for a professional and competent assistance.

Can we help you?

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