Data Driven Management

Operational Excellence course

Many organizations are typically controlled through the finance and agreed KPIs. With this course you will be able to build and deploy a more balanced management of your organization. Often called “Balanced Scorecard” – because it creates a balance between cost, quality, processes and internal learning – four perspectives that are interlinked in an effective organization.

The course, Data Driven Management, also provides inspiration, for you to use boards for visual control to follow up on your efforts. As well as discussions on how the next step may be the daily work with continuous improvement.


Target Group for Data Driven Management

You might work as a manager or in a staff function with emphasis on operational tasks and want to know more about how you can get a grip on daily life through data driven management.

It may also be, that you come from an administrative function without production. Maybe you love data and would like to develop your statistical skills.

You work with improvements e.g. Lean Six Sigma methodology as Six Sigma Green or Black Belt, or Business Process Management and want to know more about how data-driven management can be used as the foundation for data driven management.

So the approach can be broad – because Data-driven Management forms a good foundation for your continued development.


What will you learn from Data Driven Management?

After this course, you will be better equipped to use the data in your daily management.

  • You can link a strategy to both economy, quality, processes and internal learning. This means that you will be able to create areas of effort that are coherent – and thus better communicate these to colleagues and employees.
  • You can define actions to make them more measurable – and thereby ensure that you continuously have progress in the strategic initiatives.
  • You can now build boards that allows you to create a structured follow-up on all your activities.


Content in bullets

The day is structured with theoretical inspiration and joint discussions. Typically, the course consists of the following activities:

  • Introduction to Balanced Scorecard
  • Define targets on economy, quality, processes and learning
  • Understanding the different types of measurements – and how measurements can be set up
  • Constructing your own management boards
  • Follow up and describing the next steps on your own learning journey

After attending the course, you have the opportunity to participate in one of our open work days. Here you have the opportunity to meet participants from our courses, hear a little about how they work with methods and tools and discuss your learnings from the day and the tasks that you gave yourself.


Extended curriculum

This course can with an advantage be supplemented with some of our other courses. Especially if you need to expand your understanding of management and leadership, the course Business Process Management would be worth looking at. If you need to work with continuous improvement in your daily life and routines, then sign up for the Lean Yellow Belt in your learning process.

And if you really like to continue working with data, consider statistics courses or maybe a Six Sigma certification is worth taking.




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