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Risk Management in Development Projects

Courses in Operational Excellence

Understand how risks in the design itself can be reduced through proactive efforts. Improvement and development projects always carry risks, but tools are available to control and reduce these risks. Risk management is basically about controlling the incoming and outgoing factors that potentially affect one’s processes, results, and thus products. How do we design or re-design, for example; a product based on customer needs aware of the potential risks? You learn more about this in this course in risk management.

Learn to create consistency between the different types of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and gain experience of Design FMEA. Get knowledge of other tools that can ensure that a D-FMEA has the right focus.


Target Group for Risk Management

You might work as a manager/project manager or staff function with improvement projects and want to know more about how you can take control of the project through risk management.

You work with improvements e.g. Lean Six Sigma methodology as Six Sigma Green or Black Belt, or Business Process Management and want to know more about how risk management in development projects can be used as a tool and foundation for this work.

You may have this module as part of your belt training.


What will you learn about Risk Management?

You learn to:

  • implement a D-FMEA
  • use functional diagram
  • use parameter diagram


Content in bullets

  • Intro to FMEA
  • Linking of the different types of FMEA
  • RPN calculation
  • Use of DFMEA with a practical example
  • Scoping
  • Functional diagram
  • Parameter diagram
  • Completion of D-FMEA schedule
  • Participation on a work day where you present and receive feedback on your homework assignment


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