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Design for Six Sigma, DfSS

Six Sigma Courses

Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) is considered to have some of the most important methods to create world-class quality. Get an insight into the philosophy of Design for Six Sigma and become acquainted with one of the main methods.

Many companies have developed their own development models as best they can – a kind of do-it-yourself solution in lack of better. With Design for Six Sigma nothing is left to chance. Development can be planned, budgeted, optimized and controlled! Get introduced to the methodology Design for Six Sigma (DfSS).


Target Group for DfSS

The course is for anyone who wants to get a taste of Design for Six Sigma – no real knowledge of development processes is required.

For anyone working with process improvement or development/improvement projects or product introduction. The course is appropriate for employees who are involved in product development within marketing, development, design and production.


What you will learn from DfSS?

On the course, we make sure that you get a good introduction to Design for Six Sigma.

  • You become aware of the philosophy and thinking behind Design for Six Sigma. You will, based on this, be able to assess whether or not it could be relevant in your organization.
  • You will get an insight into the supporting tools and methods necessary to develop products, services and processes that meet customer demands and expectations.
  • You get an understanding of one of the pivotal phase models – shortened DCDOV. This will enable you to assess whether it differs from your own development process- and where it would then give added benefits to understand Design for Six Sigma.


Content in bullets

The day is structured from theoretical inspiration and joint discussions. Typically, the course consists of the following activities:

  • Introduction to Design for Six Sigma – what is it? And why are we talking about a development philosophy that creates world-class quality?
  • Presentation of the phase model – DCDOV (Define, Concept, Design, Optimize and Verify)
  • Review of the key tools from the individual phases
  • Collection and formulation of the next steps on your own learning journey

After the day of the training you have the opportunity to participate in one of our open workdays. Here you have the opportunity to meet participants from our courses, learn more about how they work with methods and tools and discuss your learnings from the day and discuss the tasks that you gave yourself.


Extended curriculum

If you find this course interesting, we have a variety of courses that goes deeper into some of the tools.

And if you have courage to lead development projects built around Design for Six Sigma, then you could also embark on a genuine Design for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training – contact us for more information.


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