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Change Management focusing on the individual

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In practice, there is need to change both the individual and the organization – and to do that the ADKAR model is efficient to identify maturity for change and make a plan to succesfully implement the change.

One thing is theory and the understanding of it, another thing is when theory and models will be hit by reality. This is where it gets exciting and challenges arise.

To get the full benefit of changes whether they come in the form of quality improvements, implementations, organizational changes or other, requires a good understanding of change management to get through change successfully and to reap the full benefits of intentions.

As we improve, optimize, implement and change requires that we (or perhaps first and foremost our colleagues) change the way the work is performed and/or the way we collaborate. If the employees are not ready to take on the change the effect of the improved quality deteriorates.

ADKAR can help to bring about change at the individual level.

Get knowledge of the method (ADKAR) and be inspired to apply it in your own project and in everyday life as a leadership coaching and project assistance.


Target Group for ADKAR course

Change management with focus on the individual is for people who want to be able to organize and implement changes, big and small.

Today you might already have a basic understanding of the challenges of working with change – but want specific tools to implement the actual change. In some contexts, you may work as a change agent, and in other contexts, you have to spar with one or more managers. You may work as a manager, project manager or key employee in your organization.


What you will learn from Change Management with a focus on the Individual

With change management with focus on the individual, you will be equipped to handle the process of change at your workplace. After the course, you will have a practical toolbox, where you can analyze, design, implement and collaborate on the process of change. You will be able to start up a change process – and create a foundation for communication and dialogue in all parts of the organization.

As part of the course you will work with presentation and practical exercises in the use of methods and tools as well as design a change process based on your own case, which you will get feedback on.


Content in bullets

  • Theory on change management principles in general – what is change?
  • ADKAR as a model
  • Specifically working with the ADKAR model based on your own experiences and examples
  • Possibility of participating in one free work day in Holte, where you present and receive feedback on your homework assignment


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