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Process Management

When are you a functional leader and when are you a process manager? How do you handle changes in your organization? How do you use data as a management tool? Let us help you with anchoring process management in your organization.

We have combined a course package that can help you with management, data and change. These are the 3 heavy topics in many organizations. As a manager, it is vital to look at and act upon the processes to minimize risk. It is important to link measurement with strategy and customer requirements. To think process and not silo management both strategically and tactically. Through visualization you can create both focus, responsibility and learning.

Take 4 days out of your busy calendar to make you and your management group stronger and talking the same language.


Who is the target group of Process Mangement?

The Process Management course package is aimed at you who want an overview of your organizational flow and to optimize the daily operation and create a bigger focus on customer requirements and expectations. Maybe you need to bring down variation and improve quality or maybe you have a need for a more cross-functional communication flow in the organization or between suppliers.

Process Management is a helpful tool and way of thinking. As we are all surrounded by processes, we can all benefit from thinking in terms of processes, being able to analyse and act on them. That way we learn to focus on the ball, not the man.


What will you get from the Process Mangement package?

Through a 4 days course you will get:

  • Tools, methods and strategies within Process Management and Data-driven Management
  • Introduction to Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Knowledge on Risk Management and using strategical models (ie. FMEA – Failure Mode Effect Analysis)
  • Inclusion strategies and the learning of Change Management
  • Ongoing sparring on your organizations challenges and possibilities


Content – 4 Courses

Day 1 – Process Management and Risk Management

  • Introduction to Process Management
  • Reviewing the 3T model
  • You learn to use different types of FMEA

Day 2 – Data-driven Management

  • Introduction to Balanced Scorecards
  • Formulation of goals, related to finance, quality, processes and learning
  • Understanding the different types of measurements
  • How to develop your own Kaizen boards

Day 3 – Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Introduction to Business Process Management
  • Storm’s 3T model
  • Process Management both on a strategical and tactical level
  • The framework for Process Management

Day 4 – Change and Anchoring

  • Creating common understanding on “resistance against change”
  • Communication, how, when, how much, why
  • Introduction to E=Q x A x (X), ADKAR and Balanced Scorecards


Extended curriculum

The Process Management course package may be supplemented with one of your Six Sigma educations which focuses on both process- and data-driven management. With a Green or Black Belt education you would be able to project manage, include, analyse and create results within a process oriented way of thinking. You can also add on to the Process Management course package with one of our statistical courses, where you will obtain a deeper insight into how you measure, analyse and visualize data. It could be courses like Introduction to SAS JMP/Minitab, Data Driven Root Cause Analysis and Design of Experiment 1, Robust Design with Tolerance Analysis 1 or Statistical Process Control (SPC), MSA and Capability 1.

Can we help you?

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