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Process and Product Design

Processes and the way we design our processes, is the supporting element in any organization – or at least it should be. As the professor and process-guru, Edward Deming said: “85% of the reasons to us failing in meeting the client demands, is weakness in our processes”. In other words, when we develop or re-design new products or workflows, we must think process oriented to be able to create an effective process that actually succeeds in relation to the clients demands.

Process-thinking and process and Product design – it sounds simple, but it can be difficult to practice. With the right tools, strategies and the right knowledge it is possible to design processes with a thorough focus on the customer demands and strategical goal – so that we ensure a successful implementation of our new/optimized product or workflow. We would like to help you with this through this 3 days course.


Who is the target group of Process and Product Design?

This course package is for you who has a new product, where you and your organization would like to ensure that you get the most optimal workflow from the start. Or to you who experience changes in market or customer requirements which results in the organizations processes/workflows or products needs re-design. Maybe your organization are facing savings, quality or audit requirements that demands a re-design of your processes or products.

Whether it is within production, administration or service, this course package will be able to help with Process and Product Design.


What will you get from Process and Product Design?

Through a 3 days course you will get:

  • Tools, methods and strategies within Process Design and Process Mapping
  • Introduction to the project model Design for Six Sigma (DfSS)
  • Introduction to the tool Quality Function Deployment (QFD) – it is used to create robust processes with focus on customer requirements
  • Introduction to the tool D-FMEA (Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis) – it is used for streamlining and automating processes
  • Ongoing sparring on your organizations challenges and possibilities


Content – 3 courses

Day 1 – DfSS – Introduction to Design for Six Sigma

  • Introduction to DfSS
  • Presentation of the different phase models
  • Review of the key tools

Day 2 – QFD – Quality Function Deployment

  • Introduction to QFD
  • Review of the individual houses
  • Testing of how to “roll the houses”

Day 3 – D-FMEA

  • Introduction to D-FMEA
  • Use of D-FMEA with a practical example
  • Filling out a D-FMEA template


Extended curriculum

The Process Design course package may be supplemented with one of your Six Sigma educations. With a Yellow, Green or Black Belt education you will get a deeper understanding for and practical experience with a process oriented way of thinking. You could also add to your knowledge with courses within Change Management, to ensure acceptance, involvement and actual implementation of the initiatives found through the process design. We offer courses like Change and Anchoring, Change Management with a focus on the individual or Business Process Management. Maybe another course package would fit your need, the Change Management course package.

Can we help you?

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