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Six Sigma white belt – Introduction to Six Sigma

Six Sigma White Belt course

More and more companies choose to work more in depth with Six Sigma as a way to increase customer satisfaction, improve quality and/or their bottom line. On a daily basis, we see how companies using the thinking of Six Sigma achieve significant results that places them ahead of the competition.

With the Six Sigma White Belt: Gain insight into how you as an individual, and as an organisation, can place yourself as a frontrunner with the quality and management philosophy Six Sigma.


Target Group for the Six Sigma White Belt

This module is targeted towards all curious souls who wish to learn more about Six Sigma.

  • Prospective students
  • Management and decision-makers

The module is offered to the sponsor and project team on the Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certifications.


What will you learn from the Six Sigma White Belt?

In this course, you will get a short, precise and simple presentation of the quality and management philosophy Six Sigma. You will be able to understand why the Six Sigma method is so effective in working with process and quality improvements. You will learn:

  • the fundamental principles of Six Sigma
  • what you can do and achieve with Six Sigma
  • the project model DMAIC
  • from practical cases where the Six Sigma methodology and tools are used

In short – it takes you on a quick but thorough 360 degree tour of the Six Sigma universe.


Content in the 1-day white belt course:

  • Six Sigma as a quality and management philosophy
  • Quality and cost
  • Problem solving vs. quality improvement
  • Anchoring of improvements through employee involvement
  • DMAIC project model
  • Roles


Extended curriculum

If you want more knowledge and skills within Six Sigma you may want to take the DMAIC understanding (also called Six Sigma Yellow Belt), a complete Six Sigma Green Belt or Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

You can also choose between a number of 1-day courses within Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence to learn more. Get a full overview on our courses here.


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