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Change Management

We live and breathe changes every day – or do we? In many organizations, transformation and digitalization and a still more flexible market put extra speed on changes.

The success stories are few. Even though we state that we are ready for change – because we are curious, it does not necessarily mean that we are ready to take in and accept the change when it comes. The pace of change is rising amongst Danish companies, changes becomes more and more frequent. The rate of success however does not follow. Close to 70% of the planned changes fail upon implementation.

With the right strategy, communication and tools an implementation and anchoring in the organization amongst the individual employees can succeed. We would like to help you with that. We have combined a course package that can help you succeed with changes – So bring your management group or steering committee.


Who is the target group of this course?

The Change Management course package if for you and your organization, who is facing or planning a minor or major change. If you need sparring, tools and knowledge on the factors you need to incorporate in the Change Management process for it to be a success.


What will you get from this course?

Through a 3 days course you will get:

  • Tools, methods and theories within Change Management
  • Knowledge on changes on an individual level, based on ADKAR and Balanced Scorecards
  • Knowledge on changes on an organizational level, based on the CAP model
  • Communication strategies and specific tools
  • Inclusion strategies of employees
  • Ongoing sparring on your organizations challenges and possibilities



Day 1 – Change and Anchoring

  • Creating common understanding on “resistance against change”
  • Communication, how, when, how much, why
  • Introduction to E=Q x A x (X), ADKAR and Balanced Scorecards

Day 2 – Change with a focus on the individual (ADKAR)

  • An entire day where we work with the ADKAR model
  • Exercises, concrete examples
  • You get a toolbox to take home

Day 3 – Change with a focus on the organization (CAP)

  • An entire day where we work with the CAP model
  • Exercises, concrete examples
  • You get a toolbox to take home


Extended curriculum

The Change Management course package may be supplemented with one of your Six Sigma educations. Pending on context and need a Green or Black Belt education could give you a stronger ballast when change management projects are to be managed, completed and continuously evaluated according to statistical goals, client demands and internal strategies. For organizations who are facing new change initiatives it would also be relevant to look at the course Design for Six Sigma.

Can we help you?

Call us on +45 7020 7141 or fill out the form below if you have any questions.

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