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Lean Yellow Belt – basic intensive Lean course

Lean Six Sigma Courses

Lean Yellow Belt is an intensive course of two days, where you get trained in the basic Lean principles, methods and specific tools. You get a thorough guidance to the topics with examples from practice, work hands-on with practical exercises and dialogues.

If you have not worked with Lean yet, here’s a valuable potential. With Lean, you can increase customer satisfaction, remove non-value-creating activities and ensure better coordination and flow in the work process – using less ressources.

After the course, you can apply the tools back in office – we actually expect you to come back and attend a Workday and get feedback on your first experience so you can keep momentum and redeem your yield.


Target group for Lean Yellow Belt

Everyone can attend! There are no prerequisites. You do not need to have knowledge of or skills within Lean, as we provide a thorough introduction before all exercises.

The course is aimed so you can work smarter and more efficiently, whether you are in the private or public, manager, specialist, administrative or key employee of a production company.

The course is applicable to all participants in our Six Sigma programs.


What you will learn

  • When the days are over, you can use the most important Lean principles.
  • You will be able to perform Value Stream Analysis, eliminate waste, create flow and fail-proofing your processes.
  • You understand how SMED can reduce your conversion times and increase uptime.
  • Finally, you have also learned to use the classic method 5S to get a cleaner and more organized physical layout in your organization. A thinking that you can use in both production and administration.


Content in bullets

  • The background for Lean
  • Lean principles
  • Concept of waste
  • Mapping processes
  • Brainstorming and idea generation
  • Visualization
  • Design of processes
  • Exercises in Lean tools
  • Priority and implementation of improvements
  • Target management and customer expectations
  • Kaizen and board meetings
  • Challenges associated with implementation.


Extended curriculum – If you would like to know more

Lean Yellow Belt can be combined with all our Six Sigma courses and tutorials, giving you the title “Lean Six Sigma”. Eg. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt.

The course is credible to a Lean Green Belt at Lean Academy (held in Danish). You can therefore build your Lean Yellow Belt with 5 days + an exam. This will make you Lean Manager – Lean Green Belt, where you gain knowledge to implement a Lean implementation with measurable results.


Can we help you?

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