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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt e-learning

Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt e-learning education – when it fits your everyday life. If you thrive with flexible planning or want a speeded-up process of your Green Belt education, then our online education might be something for you. This aloud you to control the speed, and with the opportunity to connect your new knowledge to your own everyday practice.

We will connect you to our e-learning and supplement it with the opportunity to discuss learning and reflect on the project.

All the educational material is in English, but all your learning can be in Danish, trough dialogues with our expert instructor, and trough other materials, which is to be found on our e-learning platform.

The e-learning will be 43 ours, which you can attend at your own speed, and find tests and measurements of your progress. We plan the process ambitions and everyday life. The common dialogue of 1,5 our and reflection after the end of the DMAIC phases will be planned at the beginning of the education. This will provide insight and an opportunity to be well prepared. This will also ensure you to know your own plan and make it fit your everyday life.

At these online sessions we will also review theory, and how you can implement the tools and thinking in your everyday life during your education.

You can complete an online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt education in three different ways

  1. To pass the theoretical exam, so that you can be examined in Green belt.
  2. Pick an online certification where you pass the theoretical exam and supplement with an online DMAIC-simulation. This will ensure that you get practical experience using the DMAIC- method as well as the most essential tools in every phase.
  • This opportunity requires additionally 12 hours of practical exercises using DMAIC. The course is virtual and is a part of our platform of e-learning.
  1. Pick a practical certification where you pass the theoretical exam and supplement with a DMAIC-project in your daily work. This will ensure that you get solid experience with actual use of the DMAIC-method, where you contribute to solving a complex problem in your own organization, and by that creating actual improvements.
  • Here, your online learning will be supplemented with online workdays, and you will be having an ongoing dialogue with one of our educators. There will be room for discussing how to apply theory and tools. You will get sparring on how to complete the concrete issues – and there will be room for discussing with other participants. Also, you can choose to participate in our “physical” work days. Here the participants will be gathered at our place in Holte – which gives space for networking, technical discussing and time for focus on your own project.
  • Finally, this opportunity will give you project focused coaching, where we will be discussing your concrete project and help you so that you can call yourself “certified Green belt”.

Available at a job center?

If you are available at a job center or looking for a job, this Green Belt e-learning education might be a good opportunity for you. Usually, theres an opportunity to participate in a 6 weeks education by your own choice. We would like to help you plan a course, which can match both the price and duration. All you have to do, is contact us!

You can always supplement and become Black Belt

Are you drawn by DMAIC as a method and would like to go further, you can get a Black belt education, which helps you drive transverse and very complex DMAIC-projects. Our configuration makes it possible for you to continue education and become Black Belt by using e-learning, or if you prefer – follow the traditional Black Belt education by classroom teaching.

Can we help you?

Call us on +45 7020 7141 or fill out the form below if you have any questions.

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