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Quality Function Deployment, QFD

Kursus hos Storm - House of Six Sigma

QFD (Quality Function Deployment) is a classic – but still very overlooked – tool for building a robust design. On this course, you can get insight into what QFD is and how much inspiration it can actually give you and your organization.

Based on customer requirements the basic requirements for features in products becomes clear – after this the actual production process can be designed. The day offers insight into all the different “houses” – and “House of Quality” is tested in practice. It is often the first step to get operationalized customer requirements – that is the first house in QFD.


Target Group is anyone with an interest for quality

Because QFD is one of the classic quality tools, this course is relevant to a very broad audience. Whether you come from the production, administration, service or development, the link between customers, specifications and processes is relevant. Everyone needs to be able to translate customer requirements into actual deliveries and the possibility of ensuring correct performance.

If you work in a development function, being able to translate customer requirements may just be the decisive parameter for the new product or service initiatives actually becomes a success with your customers.


What you will learn on the QFD course?

After the courses’ new insights, you will be able to:

  • Implement and start applying QFD in your own organization
  • Use the crucial “first house” – House of Quality in your activities and projects
  • Discuss and help colleagues to find an understanding between customer requirements, develop specifications and setting up continuous control points


Content in bullets

The day is structured from theoretical inspiration and joint discussions. Typically, the course consists of the following activities:

  • Introduction to QFD – what is it? And why is it a strong quality tool?
  • Reviewing the individual houses and in which order to work with them to get increasingly specific demands formulated
  • Testing of the order of the houses – with particular focus on “House of Quality”
  • Collection and formulation of the next steps on your own learning journey

After attending the course, you have the opportunity to participate in one of our open work days. Here you have the opportunity to meet participants from our courses, hear a little about how they work with methods and tools and discuss your learnings from the day and the tasks that you gave yourself.


Extended curriculum

QFD is a typical tool in a development process. Are you up for more insight into customer focused development, you may benefit from participating in Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) – and possibly later take a formal education as a Design for Six Sigma Black Belt (Contact us for more information).

You can also use QFD insights into a more management-oriented journey. This means that a Business Process Management course could be an option. Here you can expand your understanding of the management perspective – and thus how to get customer requirements, metrics and processes into your daily operations.

Finally, you might also like to know more about risk management in development projects. QFD helps shape the solution. With Design FMEA you can create insight into where there may be risks – and thus where you should be extra attentive to search for other solutions in both products and maybe new processes.


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