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Process Management and Risk Management

Lean Six Sigma Courses in Denmark

More and more organizations understand the importance of focusing on processes and workflows. A focus, which increases both the performance and quality. This module help you get a handle on the processes and ensure that continuous improvement of performance is done – and that focus on ways to minimize the risk of errors is sustained.

Welcome to an understanding of Business Process Management – linked with risk analyses by using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA).


Target Group for Process- and Risk Management

You might work as a manager or staff employee in a department with emphasis on operational tasks and want to know more about how you can take control of processes through management and risk management.

Or maybe you are increasing your skills through a Six Sigma Green or Black Belt training – and would like to see how you can use process management as the foundation for your improvement work.

Finally, it may be, that you are responsible for developing new processes – and would like to increase your knowledge of risk management.


What you will learn from Process and Risk Management

After this day, you have a much better feel for how process management can be used in your organization. A knowledge that you can either use to start an implementation of process management – or perhaps help improve your existing process management set-up.

You learn to use our 3T model – a recipe that creates action in both the strategic, tactical and operational perspective. Action based on customer requirements to the processes, your ability to meet these requirements and the use of data to evaluate the current performance.

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) is a classic tool in quality management. And as risk management becomes an increasingly important issue in many companies, with this day you will be able to carry out risk assessment of existing processes.


Content in bullets

You will not be presented for a final answer, but rather get to work with process management from different angles and examples to give you the inspiration to continue working on your own in your organization. This is done through a day where the flow is as follows:

  • Introduction to process management (Business Process Management).
  • Reviewing the 3T model – which ensures that you can map processes, identify ways to measure performance and finally set a direction for the continuous improvement work.
  • When the process is identified, it will also become much easier to see where there is risk of an error occurring. Here you will learn to understand and use FMEA as a method to reduce your risks.
  • Finally, you will learn how to use different types of FMEA – depending on task and process scale.


Extended curriculum

This module can be linked with a number of other modules at Storm. If you later on need to start a process improvement, you can look towards the Lean Yellow Belt. If there is a need for still greater insight about working with data, then have a look at the statistics modules Statistical process control (SPC) and Capability and Data Driven Root Cause Analysis. And finally, you can choose to become really good at improving processes. You will learn this on a Six Sigma Green or Black Belt course.


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