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Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Capability 2

Courses in Operational Excellence

This course builds on the course SPC and Capability 1. Through this course you will become even better at analyzing and understanding your organisations data through statistical tools. Now the focus is on a number of the more advanced statistical tools.

So, here’s an introduction to sampling for linear regression, Prediction interval and Ppk and multivariate control charts and control charts with Ppk. You will also learn about measurement uncertainty budget and requirements for the number of batches when you validate.


Target Group for SPC and Capability 2

You could be employed in a production, work with quality control or improvement of processes in general. You need to conduct statistical analyses that can provide information on your measurement systems, current performance or seek causes of problems encountered.

If you are in the process of training as Six Sigma Green or Black Belt this course will be a good addition.


What will you learn?

When the day is over, you will have insight into how you can contribute to actual validation tasks. You are in other words, now able to:

  • Apply advanced sampling techniques that can help you optimize the number of samples
  • Calculate the required number of batches for validation
  • Apply control card for Ppk and multivariate control charts for monitoring of multiple process indicators


Content in bullets

  • Effective degrees of freedom in variance component analyses
  • Uncertainty Budget
  • Sample test for linear regression and Prediction interval
  • Sample test (Ppk)
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Calculating the number of batches in the validation



In order to attend this course, you must have completed the course SPC and Capability 1.

You can only use SAS JMP as statistical programme on this course. Before the start of the course, you need to have SAS JMP downloaded on your own PC.


Extended curriculum

If you would like further focus on improving performance and processes you can seek further inspiration on the module Process and risk management or on the module analyze and design processes.

If you work in the field of R&D, you can search further learning within these group of modules:

Finally, you can also choose to continue training as a Green or Black Belt and thus be able to both optimize, manage and develop processes.



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