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Six Sigma Yellow Belt / Understanding DMAIC

Six Sigma Yellow Belt course

To become a Six Sigma Yellow Belt trained by Storm – House of Six Sigma, our Understanding DMAIC course is mandatory. Our Yellow Belt is basically a 3-day course in understanding DMAIC.

Once you have been thoroughly introduced to the individual phases of the classic DMAIC project method and have obtained a solid knowledge of Six Sigma as a quality and management philosophy, you will become a Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

Our training provides an opportunity to proceed with either a Six Sigma Green Belt and/or a Six Sigma Black Belt education later on. Such a training will teach you to handle and manage a number of the tools and methods that are part of a DMAIC project.


See our short film ‘What is DMAIC?’:


With an Yellow Belt you will be able to

  • use the DMAIC method, basic quality tools and fundamental data analysis to solve simple quality challenges in a very robust manner
  • view organisations as a collection of processes, where input and process elements affect the output
  • understand cause and effect between cause and challenges with quality
  • understand how Six Sigma can support the strategy and goals of the organisation
  • provide the organisational frames for a successful quality project
  • assume an active role within quality management, quality control and quality improvement
  • contribute actively, critically and constructively to the other work in the organisation when it comes to quality, optimisation and process improvements


Your benefit from a Six Sigma Yellow Belt

You learn how you can improve the quality of existing products and processes in both production, administration, hospitals, IT and public organisations. All of it with a starting point in Six Sigma. Your learning will happen through practical exercises where you practice the use of central tools in a general simulation. After three days you have obtained a thorough knowledge of how to work with improvements using the Six Sigma thinking and the entirely fundamental insights in the DMAIC method. The final result is that you become a Six Sigma Yellow Belt.


Would you like to be a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

To become a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, you have to take the course Lean Yellow Belt in addition to Understanding DMAIC. Hereafter you can call yourself Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Lean Yellow Belt is an additional 2-day course and is not included in in the price for this course. When you enrol, please point out if you want Lean as an additional choice.


Develop you competencies further

With advantage, you can supplement your Six Sigma Yellow Belt with the course Introduction to statistics and SAS JMP/Minitab, which will provide insights in fundamental statistics and the use of statistical software. After that, you will be able to do your work with quality improvements based on data.

Maybe you have specific needs within statistics, process optimisation and management. If this is the case, you can find inspiration and guidance in our courses within Operational Excellence. If, in future, you are to run quality improvement projects, you should consider adding on with a Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt education.


Your learning is important

The course is designed according to adult pedagogical principles in order to maximise your learning with focus on deployment. After the training you will be able to act more qualified. Therefore, the emphasis is on including examples from your daily life in the training through reflexion and dialogue, hands-on exercises, where you can test the tools and involvement of real life cases.


What does our customers say?

Hear Jens Møller Hansen from Ørsteds experience from a Six Sigma Yellow Belt training at Storm.




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