Process Optimization

We help you optimize processes and workflows. Both in high tech production, service industry, administration or IT. One way is through professional facilitation of process workshops.

Your benefits of process optimization:

  • An increased level of mutual understanding of the day to day challenges
  • Supported improvements that can be implemented immediately
  • Building of agreement regarding future workflows
  • Development of GAP analysis for implementation to achieve new heights

A picture says more than a thousand words!

When a process (workflow) is visually mapped, the untapped potential becomes visible. We bring together employees across the organization, who together represent all parts of the workflow. Through a facilitated dialogue the employees jointly draw, describe and map workflows. They will find improvement ideas and points for data collection to control the processes. Subsequently the future workflows are developed with descriptions at the level of detail that makes sense for the task, employees and management.

Process optimization workshops

Do you need to get a common dialogue and a common reference point in the management group or between employees? Perhaps as a kick-off event in connection with streamlining and optimization efforts so that employees in an easy and “safe” way get insight into and get prepared for what it is, the management wants to change. The workshop can be a redemptive way to engage employees and lower the insecurity and uncertainty that employees might feel.

  • Through simulation and practical collaboration, we find and test ways to improve a given situation significantly.
  • There will be an opportunity to review the various stages of an optimization process and thereby build knowledge on the different methods and their potential.
  • During the workshop, we switch between theory, practice and reflection on the actual learning points.
  • We focus on the participants and through the process they create the results themselves, and the final result depends on the players’ ability to use the theory, method and the presented tools.

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