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Storm’s Privacy Policy

At Storm – House of Six Sigma we cherish our customers data. We prioritize data security and confidentiality highly, and we make sure that our Privacy Policy lives up to current standards in Privacy Regulation.

On this page you will find Storm’s Privacy Policy. Including how Storm collects and use personal information, which you as a customer always chooses to provide.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or need any further information.

Storm - House of Six Sigma our culture and values

Collection of personal information

We never collect personal information without your consent or without your own transfer of data to us. These personal data often include; name, e-mail, possibly phone number, company etc. Personal data is collected in one or more of following circumstances:

  • Registration for educations
  • Registration for Storms Newsletter
  • Purchase of Storm’s consulting services
  • Purchase of Storm’s book
  • Evaluation of Storm’s courses and/or educations
  • When you follow Storm on Social Media like Facebook or LinkedIn

Use of personal information

When we have collected personal data, with your consent, the data is exclusively used to deliver the wanted service to you. Among other things, we use your data for:

  • Order execution when purchasing Storm's services
  • Administration of education and consultancy services (e.g. attendance lists)
  • Administration of profiles on Storm's virtual platform
  • Submitting news, offers, articles, campaigns, etc.
  • Testimonies of Storm's services
  • Evaluations of Storm's services
  • Statistics and history of Storm's performance

Your data is safe with us

Your personal data is always safe with us. We will never disclose your data to third parties without your consent. And we do not use your data for purposes other than what you have consented to. For example, we do not automatically use your information for marketing when you sign up for course/education, here you will give consent in your personal course evaluation.

Your internet behaviour is tracked, but no personal data is collected ...

When you visit our website, your internet behaviour is tracked. That involves what pages you visit, how long you visit the pages, what you click on etc. In this context, no personal data (name, e-mail, telephone number, etc.) is collected. Your internet behaviour is tracked to optimize Storm's website and your browsing history.

You can always remove your information

You can at any time ask us to remove your information from the Storm Personal Data Sheet, but with certain exceptions, if you are an active course member, we will need certain billing and personal information. Contact us if you want us to:

  • delete your profile from Storm's virtual platform
  • Unsubscribe you from Storm’s Newsletter
  • removed you from mail lists (e.g. community mail list)
  • remove your testimonial from our website
  • remove video of you from our website and social media

You are further entitled insight into the information we hold about you. And you can always revoke any consent you have previously given. If you want insight into our information about you, revocation of consent or you want us to remove some of your personal information, just contact us.

We can also change your information

If you wish to change former registered information at Storm, you can always write or call us – then we will make sure, that the changes come through. It can for example be if you have changed your name, organisation or phone number. Contact Storm, if this becomes relevant.

Questions, comments or complaints?

You can always contact us, if you have any questions, comments or complaints about our Privacy Policy (or any other matter). Contact us through mail; or phone; +45 70207141.

Can we help you?

Call us on +45 7020 7141 or fill out the form below if you have any questions.

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