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Lean Six Sigma training - more than 20 years of experience

New inspiration needed? Want to work with data driven improvements? Looking for a Lean Six Sigma certification? Here you will find the most serious and customer focused Lean Six Sigma training programs.

green belt

Green Belt

Learn to lead and implement improvements within your own subject area or organizational unit and achieve significant business outcomes.

black belt

Black Belt

Learn to implement interdisciplinary and cross-organizational improvements that may have large amounts of data and achieve significant business results.


Master Black Belt

This top-up is focusing on the organizational run of Lean Six Sigma. Change Management and strategic understanding are central components. 

white belt

White Belt

Our White Belt is half a day where you and maybe your project participants or colleagues are introduced to the Lean Six Sigma method.


Yellow Belt / DMAIC

In our Yellow Belt you will learn about the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC improvement model that is used to improve existing products and processes.


Practical DMAIC Project

DMAIC method in practice as part of the Green Black Belt training or as an additional support for your the next project.


In-house training

You can have all our courses as in-house and we can design courses to meet your needs, support your strategy and your ambitions.

Six Sigma belts order - Where should you begin?

Six Sigma training is build in levels of belt colors. The order reads: White Belt > Yellow Belt > Green Belt > Black Belt.

However, you do not have to follow the stricht order. You can easily start a Green or Black Belt training, if the ressources and the need are for this. If you want a basic introduction to Six Sigma before you start a larger Six Sigma project, it may be a good idea to start with a White or Yellow Belt. If you are in any doubt feel free to contact us, together we will find the education suitable for you.

Six Sigma bælter rækkefølge

More than a certificate... Create valuable quality and efficiency improvements

Your training with us is more than a certificate. You educate yourself to deliver business results.
During your training you will complete a strategic improvement project in your organization. Here you demonstrate your ability to create valuable quality and efficiency improvements. Most education projects achieve a benefit of between 500,000 to 2 million DKK, but we have seen up to 70-80 million DKK on a single project!

Projectwork days at Storm - your learning before theory

At Storm, we value your learning. All training takes place in an interaction between theory and practice, through exercises, discussions and examples. We even hold projectworkdays. On these days you work with your project, or other Lean Six Sigma questions.

These days can be joined virtually - from your office or home. You are also welcome at the Storm House, where you can sit alone or discuss with other students or Storm's consultants.

These days take place every 3. - 4. week and you are able to join as many as you want to; from starting a DMAIC project to have your final certification in hand. See the video about work days  →

What do our customers say?

Christel Brygger Haugsted . Storm - House of Six Sigma udtalelse

Storm - House of Six Sigma is a recommended Lean Six Sigma provider. They have cozy and atmospheric frameworks. It gives comfort and opens confidence in the teams so you can share each other's good and bad real life experiences and learn from them. Storm is able to organize the teaching. so it is varied and exciting with a good mix of theory, examples, dialogue, exercises and alternating between different teachers who burn for different subjects. Not least in coaching where there is access to the various experts depending on one's changing issues through the project. Being able to sit for a whole day undisturbed in their premises has created a sense of calm and space for the project work.

Christel Brygger Haugsted

Supply Chain Director, Bavarian Nordic A/S

Brian Søgaard Laursen, Storm - House of Six Sigma Black BeltThe journey has been a great learning in itself. I probably went into the training with a 'how hard can it be' mindset, but I have since found the values ​​in getting the individual DMAIC-phases under the skin and doing it properly. It's not just a number of tools, it's a concept and a mindset. You can translate the reality of the organization into something quantifiable. Something you can discuss, anticipate and decide on. It gives the opportunity to manage processes in a new way, where there is consensus on how the processes look. We avoid the situations where we thought we agreed, but in reality, we had a lot of different understandings. A common language is being created.

Brian Søgaard Laursen

Scientist, Team Leader, Novozymes A/S

Karsten Grove BuchWhen I was faced with having to upgrade my Green Belt to a Black Belt, my choice naturally fell on Storm, which I have not since regretted. One thing that has made progress particular fruitful, are the coaching sessions that are taking place in the business operations between each module. During these sessions, it is possible to get the input from the recently module concretized, so it fits into the problem, you yourself are facing. I can unreservedly recommend Storms Lean Six Sigma programs at all levels.

Karsten Grove Buch

Senior SC Development Consultant, Carlsberg Danmark A/S

Ole Dahlberg Pedersen, Storm - House of Six Sigma udtalelseI have been working with LEAN for more than 10 years, but the Six Sigma program has given me a new and more valuable view of processes by looking at the variation. We are looking forward to reaching our goals no matter how. What I have learned through the Six Sigma method is to be delightet about the goals I have achieved through knowledge and ask questions of those I have achieved successfully. If we do not cultivate variation in our processes, we miss a lot of valuable knowledge. LEAN and Six Sigma are a couple of amazing partners, both as real problem solving tools, but also to better understand their processes. Thanks to Storm - House of Six Sigma for a well-planned education program and, not least, a very good coaching during my project.

Ole Dahlberg Pedersen

LEAN Engineer, Pronova Biopharma Denmark A/S

A Six Sigma journey, in short...

References from Six Sigma educations


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