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Praktisk DMAIC projekt

A DMAIC project has the potential to create great success for a company - we are talking savings and gains in millions.

As a Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt it is about delivering improvements in practice. Improvements to benefit the customers, colleagues and the organisation's bottom line. It can be challenging and very difficult to learn in practice. So, this module is a more protracted course - focusing on your practical project and with your personal learning on both the methodology and tools of Lean Six Sigma.

Are you working on your Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt training, as a part of your certification, you have to implement a practical improvement project based on the DMAIC method. Because all research shows, that we as humans learn best by doing and trying out in practice. So a DMAIC project is required to be able to call yourself Green Belt or Black Belt.


What is DMAIC? – See our short film


Target Group for DMAIC Project

The course is relevant for anyone who works with, or wants to work with, a concrete DMAIC project.


Participants on Six Sigma Green and Black Belt educations

This module is mandatory if you want to become a certified Green Belt or Black Belt at Storm. It will help you to use DMAIC and the associated tools in practice. To be certified as a Green Belt, you must attend at least five of the workdays (read more further down) and as Black Belt at least seven workdays. You decide when, depending on your project and your workload. Remember though, that you have a maximum of two years to complete your project before certification.


Support for the next DMAIC project

Are you already a Green Belt or Black Belt, then you can use the module to get regular feedback and guidance when making improvements using the DMAIC method. It may be relevant if you do not have so many others in your company who knows the method - or if you've got a challenge of the more laborious kind. Then we can help you find the right tool and give you the ongoing guidance along the way.

Maybe it's just several years since you last used DMAIC - and you therefore need a practical refresher. So, join us on this module, where you can get inspiration from other projects.


What you will learn from a DMAIC project?

With this course you ensure that your project is experiencing momentum and focus on the problem. You ensure that your problem understanding, and later your solution, is based on the customer requirements. And you know that you - together with your project team - have made data-driven decisions.

Your practical understanding of the Six Sigma thinking increases through practical use of the DMAIC method.

You will create a network of other practitioners - thus creating an ongoing opportunity to develop your own skills.


Content in a DMAIC project

The course supports the practical project work, which takes place both with colleagues at your place of work and monthly workdays with Storm.

Roughly the course falls in a cycle of 3-5 overall activities:


Project Selection

We help you to select and adapt suitable DMAIC project members.


Monthly Workdays at Storm

Workdays are held physically at Storm, where you will find both teachers and other persons who are working on their improvement projects. The workdays provides room for common sparring, reflection, and not least inspiration. Typically the participants have the same or similar challenges as you. In advance, there will be a pre-created view of the theoretical challenges that participants are facing. It allows you to avoid major theoretical gaps.

Also there will be time to work on your own project and get individual counseling, participate in joint presentations of projects and working in small groups, when it makes sense.

  • Are you participating in a Green Belt training you must attend min. 4 and max. 7 workdays.
  • Are you participating in a Black Belt training, you must attend min. 6 and max. 11 workdays.
  • If you are taking the module as a standalone course you have the right to participate in 12 workdays within 15 months.

There is a minimum of one workday each month which is set several months in advance. See the calendar in the menu on the right side.


Video about workdays at Storm


Individual Coaching

Individual coaching to ensure your DMAIC journey is critical to your learning and progress. As part of this process a coaching session for each DMAIC phase is held.

  • Green Belt’s will have 5 times of 1.5 hour
  • Black Belt’s will have 5 times of 2 hours
  • If you have bought the course as standalone, you will have 5 times of 3 hours duration.



Once you've completed a project and passed your exam, you are ready for your final certification. Along the way, we have ensured that you have tested the primary tools in practice, so the certification is a presentation of your project. Just as there will be an opportunity to talk about your personal journey of learnings and insights.

This day is often an event - so we would encourage you to invite both the project team, sponsor, manager and colleagues to this event. It typically takes 1-2 hours

  • Praktisk DMAIC GB Projekt
  • 18/06/2024
  • Price 23,000 (excl. VAT)

  • Praktisk DMAIC BB Projekt
  • 18/06/2024
  • Price 27,000 (excl. VAT)

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