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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

With the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course, you will be a sought-after employee, who will be able to create significant business results. You become a practitioner who can lead multidisciplinary and cross-functional improvement-projects based on the international recognized and data-driven project methodology DMAIC.

Not only will you be able to manage major business critical projects, you will also be able to take much more qualified and informed decisions in your work – decisions based on valid data, process insight and with an eye for interpersonal relationships.

At Storm, we can help your Black Belt dreams come true

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Classic teaching course with the possibility to network with other Green and Black Belt candidates.

From Green Belt to Black Belt

If you are a Green Belt, we can make a top-up that supplements your existing knowledge.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt e-learning

You can attend our virtual program that contains e-learning, virtual sparring and communication.

A personal outcome for the benefit of your career

For many of our Black Belt candidates, the training become a seminal time in their work life. New inspiration and own reflections will draw tracks in many directions. Due to the opportunity to choose between several modules, means that you can immerse within an existing area of interest, but at the same supplement with new knowledge.


With a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training you will be able to

  • help and lead the organisation towards data-driven decisions based on customer understanding and process insights
  • use tools to support you in ensuring support for improvement initiatives
  • use the improvement toolbox in your daily life – not only through the projects but also through a changed way of thinking about data and challenges
  • distinguish between external and internal customer needs and make customer needs operational and measurable in respect to the process output
  • work with the concept of Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ), which shows in monetary terms what the poor quality costs your business and you thereby talk “management language”
  • understand the importance of data and use measurement system analysis to ensure valid data
  • use of statistical process control (SPC) as a tool
  • work with risk analysis (FMEA) and their use in different contexts; e.g. for use in root cause analysis and when future solutions, needs to be risk assessed
  • use tools to perform structured root cause analysis with the DMAIC improvement method – supplemented with statistical hypothesis tests and Design of Experiments (DoE) as essential tools
  • develop and design solutions with Design of Experiments (DoE), including execution of various types of tests within screening and actual optimization
  • use several types of process mapping tools for root cause analysis and design of future processes
  • conduct brainstorming sessions, develop solutions and make cost-benefit considerations
  • complete and implement improvements – including ensuring relevant control and response plans for processes
  • use methods to inspire and lead the basic changes in the organisation


With Lean tools you will be able to

  • develop value stream analysis (Value Stream Mapping (VSM))
  • analyse value stream analysis with a focus on waste, tact and lead times
  • identify current, and designing future, processes as well as gap analysis
  • organise Kaizen initiatives
  • use Poke Yoke for fail safety
  • use SMED thinking to minimize change and change-over time


As a part of your learning journey to become a Black Belt, you will need to do statistical analyses. This will include use of statistical software. Don't worry about it - in case this will be new to you. We will help you all the way. So far it hasn't stopped anybody during their DMAIC project.


Last but not least – with your training project, you will have delivered significant and lasting improvements in your organisation.

"A Black Belt has taught me that the method helps remain focused and to secure a structure. The working days at Storm has helped me and given me space and time to work with my project, while I have received constructive sparring as well."

Claus Riber, Novozymes

"In connection with my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, I have through teaching and sparring been in touch with many incredible people at Storm – House of Six Sigma. They are always in a good mood, professional and have the ability to see solutions. If you are looking for a good and developing place within the Six Sigma world, I can highly recommend Storm – House of Six Sigma."

Dan Foldager, LEGO A/S

"I have experienced Storm – House of Six Sigma as a place with qualified educators who is not only teaching but also work with the method in their everyday lives. They show a genuine interest in the course members projects, and you can feel that you are in good hands. Furthermore, I think that it is good to have the opportunity to combine sparring between the modules and with the opportunity to use the Storm House to sit and work so you can focus on your project."

Bente Madsen, D/S Norden

"I will highly recommend Storm – House of Six Sigma. In fact, I have already done. Being in the Storm House, I always become more educated. I have learned incredibly much and have got a whole new approach for many things. I have learned to use the DMAIC-method right, and now I can use it for anything at any time."

Lise Isachsen, Coloplast

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    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

    At Storm – House of Six Sigma you can tailor your Six Sigma Black Belt training, so that it suits both you and your organisation’s needs. You gain the level of practitioner, that matches or exceeds international Lean Six Sigma standards and with an approved and completed project you achieve certification.

    If you already have a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification you only need to supplement your training with extra courses.


    Configuration of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

    Our classic Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training consists of 15 course days, which are:


    Yellow Belt / DMAIC understanding (3 days) secures a good and application orientated understanding of improvements using Six Sigma thinking and the fundamental insight in DMAIC as a method as well.

    Databased decisions (1 day) is focusing on methods and tools that can be used for making objective and solid decisions. Furthermore, you will acquire an understanding the verification og data and the work the measurement analytics – Gage R&R,

    Statistical Proces Control (SPC) & Capability 1 (1 day) covers the use control chart and capability of both normal and non-normal distributed data.

    Statistical Proces Control (SPC) & Capability 2 (1 day) covers batch variation as well on how to set up continued process verification.

    Data driven cause analysis (1 day) introduces the statistic way of thinking: disclose probability and probability distribution as well as hypotheses tests and regression analytics.

    Change and anchoring (1 day) is about “making things happen”. Regardless, many changes are “a 90% people deal” which means that there is a need of supplementing the good project models with understanding of both involvement and active control.

    Risk management - FMEA & TPM (1 day) gives insight in reducing the risk of defects; all the way from first design, over setting up a safe and effective operation till customers are using the product or receiving the service.

    Analyze and design processes (1 day) secures a fundamental understanding of mapping, analyzing and optimizing processes. There are three perspectives: understanding of a process, improving an existing process, and designing new processes. You will also be introduced to tools, that might help when facilitating all the workshops.

    Lean Introduction (2 days) introduces within the fundamental Lean-principles, methods and concrete tools; incl. waste, VSM,OEE etc. The days includes practical exercises and dialogues.

    Design of Experiments (DOE) (1 day), where you learn to plan, analyze and complete controlled experiments. Through statistic calculations, there will be seen which causes that has a significance for your issue – and which you will work further on.

    Data Driven Management (1 day) enables you to build and implement business process management, that creates a balance between economy, quality, processes and internal learning. You will be introduced to a visual control (Visual Management) with boards, when your efforts must be followed up on.

    Change management focusing on the individual (1 day) gives you tools for making changes towards individuals. The course focus on different perspecitves and methods - all great tools for identifying readiness for changes and identifying areas of action.


    A practical DMAIC-project through your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training

    At this course (DMAIC-project), your practical learning takes place. To be certified Black Belt, you must complete a practical DMAIC project. This is where you get an opportunity to test your new knowledge in practice. And this is where you can create the actual improvements and results for and in your organization.

    To support the entire project process, you are invited to particpiate in project workdays. These days can be joined virtually or on-site in Holte. They are not mandatory - but we also do know they are very helpful in reaching your final certification.

    These days you will find both teachers and other students who are in the process of their improvement projects. It provides room for common sparring, reflection and, not least, inspiration.

    You will find project workdays every 3. - 4. week. We do invite you - but you decide yourself if you want to join or not.

    In addition, you get 5 x 2 hours individual project coaching.

    You have a maximum of two years to complete your project to be certified.

    Remember that your Black Belt training can be tailored so that it suirts both you and your organisation’s needs. Contact us for further information and dialogue.

    • Praktisk DMAIC BB Projekt
    • 07/12/2023
    • Price 27,000 (excl. VAT)
    • BB Lean Six Sigma med DMAIC Projekt UK 23/1/2024
    • 23/01/2024
    • Price 94,100 (excl. VAT)
    • BB Lean Six Sigma med DMAIC Projekt DK
    • 20/02/2024
    • Price 94,100 (excl. VAT)
    • BB Lean Six Sigma med DMAIC Projekt DK 21/5/2024
    • 21/05/2024
    • Price 94,100 (excl. VAT)
    • BB Lean Six Sigma med DMAIC Projekt UK 11/6/2024
    • 11/06/2024
    • Price 94,100 (excl. VAT)
    • BB Lean Six Sigma med DMAIC Projekt DK/UK 27/8/2024
    • 27/08/2024
    • Price 94,100 (excl. VAT)

    Included in the price

    • Individual project coaching 5 x 2 hours
    • Printed material in danish / english
    • Online access to materials, templates etc.
    • Six Sigma toolkit in danish / english
    • Storm's examination and certification
    • Diploma
    • Breakfast & lunch

    LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt

    • 15. course days mandatory days
    • Project work days - as many as needed untill you are certified

    From Green Belt to Black Belt

    If you already have completed a Six Sigma Green Belt training but want to become a Black Belt, we can help you create a course based on your own needs.

    We can create your course, so you can participate in our regular courses – or do it as a more virtual course, where we combine e-learning and individual coaching. Hereby, we can plan based on your own work and from the actual project that needs to be completed.

    Where you are trained Six Sigma Green Belt or how long time ago it happened, is not vital. We have a wide understanding of the Green Belt courses that there are. We will make sure to ask and get an understanding of your knowledge about methods, tools, and experience. Maybe you already have a wide statistic knowledge – then we will go more into depth with methods and change management.

    Finally, it also depends on what you want to achieve with your Black Belt. Whether you want to become specialized within statistic disciplines or be able to facilitate and lead changes etc., we will tailor a Six Sigma Black Belt course for you.

    Expect a total amount of 7-9 training days and additionally the workdays that you will use to turn your theoretical insights into practical experience through your project.


    A practical DMAIC-project through your Six Sigma Black Belt training

    A Black Belt training is finished with a certification. This means that you must complete a DMAIC-project, which secures that your new knowledge is being used in practice.

    To help with the certification and doing the DMAIC porject we invite you to project workdays. These are days without new theory but provides room for practicing the new methods and tools. The workdays are held approximately once a month and with instructors and other belt candidates. This gives common sparring, reflection and inspiration.

    We do recommend at least 6 project workdays - but you can join as many as you want to during untill you are certified.

    The days are held every 3. - 4. week and we will book you. You just decline, if you don't want to join. The days are virtually as well as you might want to meet in our office.

    You will also get 5 x 2 hours individual project coaching.

    You have a maximum time amount of two years to finishing your project and become certified.

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt e-learning

    You will learn to lead important cross-functional improvement projects by using the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. You will make a positive and significant impact in your organisation as you complete a real-life improvement project during your study.

    This blended learning combines e-learning with elements from classroom training. With blended learning e-learning becomes social – you are no longer just left on your own (as in regular e-learning). We at Storm help you reach your educational goals and we help you during your practical improvement project. With blended learning you increase your opportunities to create value in your organisation.


    We prepare your e-learning course based on your needs, and through the course you will receive sparring. Our e-learning platform is in English, but your teaching, dialogue, materials and recap can be in Danish if you would like.

    The course consists of 72 hours of e-learning, and you decide how quick it shall happen. During the course, you will get tests and measurement of your progress. Depending on your wish for focus areas, we can supplement with virtual modules in Danish.

    The course will be planned based on your ambitions and needs. The dialogue and reflection are typically planned after the end of a phase in the DMAIC-method, normally with a duration of 2 hours. These hours can be split up. These conversations secure your understanding of the theory, and that you can turn it into practice.


    Learning of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

    You will become an advanced Lean Six Sigma practitioner by participating in this course and completing a real life improvement DMAIC-project carried out in your organization. Throughout the course, you will learn to master a series of advanced quality tools and methods that you can utilise in various situations outside a DMAIC setting.

    You will learn to lead critical cross-functional projects and apply advanced analysis to make informed decisions based on valid data, process insight and with respect for interpersonal relationships.

    Successful candidates must complete two Black Belt-level improvement project applying the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC-methodology that generate considerable savings and/or significant improvements in your organisation. This program offers much more than just training – it transfers you into a professional practitioner of Lean Six Sigma with a proven track record of success!


    You can finish a virtual Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in three ways

    1. Pass a theoretical exam, so you can call yourself examined Black Belt


    2. Take a virtual certification, where you must pass a theoretical exam and supplement with a simulation of a DMAIC-project. Which gives you practical experience with using the DMAIC-method and work with the most important tools in every phase.

    • This option demands additionally 12 hours of virtual training, which is an integrated part of our e-learning platform.


    3. Choose a certification, where you must pass the theoretical exam and supplement with a DMAIC-project in your own daily work. Hereby, you will gain experience with the DMAIC-method and at the same time solve an issue in your organization. You create actual improvements and show what you are capable of due to your new competencies.

    • We supplement the training with virtual coaching, where you will meet one of our instructors – typically the person, that also help you in your theoretical progress. Here you can discuss the theory and methods in your project.
    • If you choose to, you can participate in our physical workdays. Here, other belt candidates will participate as well and it is held in our house in Holte. This provides network, technical sparring and time for immersion in your own project.


    Course overview

    Once signed up you have access to the e-learning material and can get started right away. The e-learning is a very engaging course packed with responsive elements self-directed, practise-based exercise, questions, quizzes, and simulations to apply concepts and knowledge. The frequent practice opportunities help you remember the theory and understand how it is applied.

    Then the course shifts between e-learning, virtual study halls and your project work. The one-on-one coaching sessions support you and address any issues in your project work.



    To carry out statistical calculation in your DMAIC-project you will need to use advanced statistical software. You can choose between:

    • SAS JMP (version 12)
    • Minitab (version 16 and 17)

    You or your organization must provide the license yourself. It is possible to get a 30 days free trial.

    • BB E-Leaning Basic
    • 07/12/2023
    • Price 25,995 (excl. VAT)

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