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Six Sigma Master Black Belt

A Master Black Belt education can be defining for your career. Maybe you have been working with (Lean) Six Sigma through some years, and you can see that it suits your professional work. Either because you want to be a “management strategist” or want to be an important factor for a bigger group of Green and/or Black Belts in your own organization.

The Master Black Belt course is a top-up from the Black Belt. The Master Black Belt is focusing on the organizational operation of Six Sigma, in contrast to the Green and Black Belt, which is focusing on completing the concrete improvement project. The Master Black Belt has datadriven improvement strategies as well as change management and organizational understanding as central competencies associated to the technical Lean Six Sigma skills. Very often the depth of some statistical tools might often be in focus; combined with an understanding for how to develop new processes based at Design for Six Sigma and QFD.

Our training must meet the expectations of international standards. ISO 12053 is about Six Sigma, and in that there are descriptions about training and competencies for the individual parts. For a Master Black Belt, the following is stated:


“A candidate Master Black Belt should have already been accredited as a Black Belt and will therefore have already received the necessary training for a Black Belt. If this is not the case, the Master Black Belt should take further training that is recommended to extend the Master Black Belt's knowledge of statistical methods, other related mathematical techniques, and management organizational techniques. The precise training agenda shall be tailored to the specific individuals and to the area(s) of application (manufacturing or transactional) which the MMB is intended to support.”

“A Master Black Belt will have previously completed Black Belt training and performed this role for at least two years and will consequently have completed a number of Six Sigma projects.”

“The Master Black Belt training is usually split into two weeks separated by a short interval of time, e.g., two weeks.”


A Master Black Belt education is adjusted every time and is based on external demands and your competencies

The Master Black Belt is created and adjusted not only for you but also the organization. Therefore, the difference of the content and responsibility area differs. At Storm – House of Six Sigma we believe that competence development must be adjusted the individual Master Black Belt candidate, and thereby the existing competencies and experiences as well.

We will tailor your training individually by mapping your experiences, discussing your career dreams and hereafter close the competence gaps, that we see in relation to the ISO standards. This will typically consist of 6- 10 days of training and with practical exercises/tasks as well, that you must complete in your own organization. Exercises, that will develop your skills for coaching and that will secure that you achieve the skills stated in the standards.

You must also expect, that we will focus at the strategic acitvitivites linked to Lean Six Sigma and improvement startegies, so having top management buy-in will be important for you learning journey.

The Master Black Belt training is completed with an essay and a presentation of the course, of which you have a maximum time amount of 2 years to complete.


As a Master Black Belt, you will be able to

  • Manage bigger organizational Lean Six Sigma efforts and implementation
  • Run Lean Six Sigma on an organizational level
  • Educate Green and Black Belts and function as a coach on their projects
  • Help with bigger statistical analytics and data driven problem solving
  • Spar with the leaders and have leadership for the ongoing work with process optimizing and increasing the customer satisfaction
  • Spar with the leaders/sponsors in relation to the introductory project identification, selection, prioritizing and formulation


If you want to know more about a personal arranged Master Black Belt course, please contact us.

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