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Consultants that makes things happen

A collaboration with consultants based on trust. Trust must be earned. We are known for having a good feel for the employees in all layers of the organization, and with a confidence-inspiring approach we are often a catalyst for the dialogue on improvements concerning inconsistencies in the organization.

Storm - House of Six Sigma work for management from the strategic framework agreed, and we work together with the organization. In other words, we are known to get down to work and be in the process where it takes place while ensuring communication and anchoring managerially. We are known as a consultancy that "makes things happen".

Why choose Storm - House of Six Sigma?

  • Our Master Black Belts each represent at least 10 years of Six Sigma experience, including GE, 3M, Motorola and other major Danish and European companies - both in production and administration.
  • We do not work with standard solutions. Each customer is in our eyes unique, has its own specific story and its own opportunities – and therefore we will put in place a specific solution in collaboration with the customer.
  • Our company is characterized by having practitioners employed. All have relevant and different experience, which means that we can always set the team where there is both a good academic and personal match.
  • We ensure robust solutions that are transferred and consolidated within the organization.
  • We are fact-based, which means that we will always challenge the extent and characters of the problems through data to ensure proper solutions.

How do we help our customers?


BISCA A/S is one of several companies that participated in the MIV project (World class Employees). Our contribution to these companies is a competence boost in the overall quality and business understanding. It ranges from one-day introductory days to Lean Six Sigma to long term qualifying Black Belt programs. One of the biggest successes is the course ‘From Theory to Practice’. Through focused courses the participants have been allowed to apply the learned theory into concrete improvement work. Improvements that have provided profits in the millions.

Region Hovedstaden Koncern IT (IMT)

In cooperation with Group IT, we have implemented process management and Six Sigma within the organization. We have defined the company’s KPIs, set up measurements and trained more than 200 persons in Six Sigma, at both Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt level. In addition, we have held all-day events where topics from Six Sigma and process thinking has been the focus of some fun and exciting exercises.

DPA Microphones

At DPA Microphones we have trained Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, identified core processes and started performance measurements. We facilitated the mapping of processes and process optimizations in 10 departments at DPA’s production site in Asnæs, started performance measurement in all areas and implemented a structure to continuously follow up on production status. In addition, we assisted with coaching of managers and a structured approach to process improvements and failsafe. All of these measures to increase productivity and start a continuous improvement culture.

PMC Technology

PMC Technology is a supplier to Vestas, who has a strong focus on quality. At PMC, we have implemented proactive measures and checks in the core processes. We have also trained about 25 Green Belts. In addition, we held sponsor courses and full-day events for the entire company with a focus on Six Sigma. On these days, we played and learned the principles and ideas that are behind Six Sigma and DMAIC.

LEGO System A/S

At LEGO System, we have trained over 16 Danish and foreign employees in Six Sigma Black Belt. Employees from Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and China have received training and individual coaching in DMAIC. The employees have organizationally been placed in Quality and Engineering functions.


In connection with the introduction of process owners in SKAT, training and preparation for this new role was needed. This was necessary to allow for the process management to work in practice. In collaboration with the Office Heads, we facilitated the overall process owner initiative. We have helped developing the program and given the project group a boost on Process management.


KMD provides quite some internal process consulting. To find a common ground across the departments, we held a process consultant workshop, where the foundations for the further work was formulated and a common language obtained.

References from consulting services

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