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Brian Chalk certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt through Blended Learning

The 19. of June 2018 Brian Chalk from UNOPS has been certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt through a Blended Learning course at Storm – House of Six Sigma. A course that combines E-learning with personal coaching.

Brian’s certification was held virtually over skype, where his sponsor Patricia Moser, Procurement Director was present along with trainers from Storm.


A Black Belt project with great results!

Brian works as an Innovation & Improvement Team Leader at UNOPS, and can now also call himself Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Brian delivered impressing results in his Black Belt project, where he worked with improving lead time for spend reports to be received so they meet customer requirements.

Throughout the project Brian manged to:

  • Improve the lead-time significantly according to customer requirements, so the customer requirements are met every time.
  • Saving 73% of the workdays in the process.

On top of that, the project resulted in several side benefits and savings for the organisation.


Lessons learnt from the Black Belt project

Brian has been true to the Six Sigma method during his Black Belt project, and he has shown not only that he understands the method and the Six Sigma thinking, but also that Six Sigma can be used to gain significant value to a company on so many different levels.

In Brian’s own words, he expresses the greatest lessons learnt as:

  • The importance of stakeholder identification, communication and buy in
  • Critical to Quality (CTQ – customer requirements) to drive the behaviour to the rest of the project process
  • Sample sizes has great influence on the statistical outcome and robustness of the information
  • Measurement System Analysis is important to make sure that variance in data is because of actual defects and not just a variance in how we collect data
  • To be able to determine statistical significance of data and the usage of hypothesis testing
  • The Control phase is important in terms of follow up after launch and the continuous control of data collection and data analysis

Beside the above lessons learned. Brian also defined some learning objectives before the project. These learning objectives was:

Learnings from Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Blended Learning

Brian finds all the defined learning objective achieved through the Black Belt project.


Praise from the organisation

There is no doubt that Brian has delivered a great Black Belt project. Brian’s sponsor Patricia Moser, Procurement Director says:

“The things he has been able to do are amazing […] He has taken this project to a level that has made a significant difference for the organisation as a whole.”

Patricia continues talking about how Brian’s work not only met the expectations she had as a sponsor, but he exceeded the expectations. In an organisation where data plays an important role Brian’s has made it easier to access, manage and use data in an efficient way. There is no doubt, that Brian delivered in this Black Belt project according to Patricia.

Patricia concludes by saying:

“Throughout the years that Brian has been here he constantly surprises me in his willingness to move forward on something different, innovative and so on. So, I am personally very proud of him and I am glad that he is getting this well-deserved recognition.”

From Storm we would also like to congratulate Brian on his certification and impressing results. We look forward to hearing from Brian again, and hopefully be included in his future Six Sigma work.


Learn more about Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Blended Learning

Everyone can become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, it only takes a problem that you do not know the answer to, and then you are almost good to go.

Are you interested in becoming a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt as Brian and achieve great organisational results through a Black Belt project? Then sign up or read more about the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt education through Blended Learning here. 

You can also learn more about this Black Belt through Blended Learning in the video on this link – where Brian also talks.

You can also take your Black education through traditional classroom training, read more here.


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